Dear, brethren

Greetings to you in our covenant Lord’s name. Blessed Christmas to you all. I always remember you in my prayers as well as family prayers and congregational prayers.

As I had reported to you last month about our very unusual election, I needed to report a little history of our country so that better understanding of the country will help our important work for His glory. I called this election “very unusual” because this one is the first in our history the real one and the whole country involved with eager.

The Burmese country was dated back to 1000 AD, before some kingdoms were there but not the present people that live in this country. Ruled by various kings, and only civilized nearby Kings’ palace. Many historians believed that they migrated from Tibet plateau. And many different tribes came in, many tribes, like mine tribe “Chin tribe,” stayed in mountainous regions. So, when the Burmese kingdom started, many of the mountainous places not included. Like mine tribe, Chin tribe, never under the Burmese rule.

And 1886 the British Empire annexed Burmese kingdom into their empire. From that time on British government went to mountainous regions, to include into the Burma country. So, we, many tribes, now included into the country, that was after 1890 ‐ 1900s.

It is interesting that our Covenant Lord send first protestant missionary to the country before British took over the country.  Adoniram Judson(1788‐1850), American missionary, arrived July 13, 1813. He was an Congregationalist, but changed to Baptist at India in 1812, before came to Burma. Roma Catholic arrived Burma round about 1548 with their Portuguese mercenaries to kings of this country.

And another interesting fact is that the first Christians were Burmese people not tribal people.  After sometime Christianity moved toward tribal people than Burmese people. And another interesting fact is that my tribe Chin tribe was not evangelized by Adoniram Judson’s followers but strange Christian from India. One sad thing about our country is that Reformed faith arrived very late and Baptistic/evangelicalism did a real damages to Christian faith itself. Sometime I wonder if the Lord send first what will happen to the country, but God knows the best for us.

Now, the Baptist never changed our cultures into Christian culture based on God’s law. And never comes even one Christian thinker from Baptist people, so during British rule, Christianity did not grow in philosophy, always very animistic culture but changed the name of the god from animistic gods into Jesus, may be very weak Trinity. That is the sad situation that we faced still today. In surface most of believers in this country looks like Christians, but in practice just old culture. That is what I am preaching to my people, we must changed not only the name God, but the custom as well.

But under British rule, especially, the minority tribes, such as my tribe “Chin,” had a very protected live, during the Burmese Kings’ rule, they killed whenever they feel like doing it. As despot rule, no proper laws, but during British rule, though imperial rules, we had good order and prosperity, even Asian countries pay a visit for holidays, like Singapore now so advance, last time, they came and learned from Burma. Even our education was very high, a lot of mission schools, Christian schools were here.

And Second World War broke out, and Japan, rising Sun empire, took over our country from British, they ruled us cruelly, from 1940‐1945. Then the American troops captured the country and hand over to British. And the British gave the country independent, with the intervention of American.

From 1948‐1958, kind of democratic government ruled, from 1958 General New Win with his army coop the country. From that day on though changed names, we were under military‐utilitarian ruled, military juntas ruled till today. In 1962 General New Win formed Socialist Party and ruled half‐socialist, half‐whatever‐he‐wants kind of rule.

From 1965 General New Win, chased all Christian schools from Burma, confiscated Church properties, Christian school buildings. And Christian people, we became second‐class citizens. We are like no‐existence, anytime anywhere army people could make problems to us.

In 1988 the whole country demonstrated against New Win’s rule, and the army killed tens of thousands of demonstrators and activists for democracy by shooting them like animals with guns, till today how many no one dares to talk.

And 1990 made a general election, and won the democratic party of lady Aung Sun Sue Kyi. But the army did not hand over the power and continued ruling by coercive rule. 2010, the army take‐off the army‐uniform and pretended civil‐government.

And now 2015 the real election, and won again like 1990, the democratic party of the same lady. Now country is waiting the real hand‐over the power to the won‐party. That is a little bit of our history. Our hope is by His providence, covenant people flourish in this land too. Without a good government, works for the people never comes, and poverty follows. I am not saying our country is poor, I think many generals and their cronies are very, very rich. But, general population extreme poor, now we are poorer than Ethiopia. So, people does what ever things to survive, that is very bad. We want to work hard God ordained jobs which are according to His laws, and got enough to support covenant families and covenant Church’s ministry. As I write down our history, God never let us to have that opportunity yet. May be, this time we may have that one.

Every Tuesday, our classes continue, still some college students from my congregation attend and regular attendances of four young men also. Now the subject was “Reformed Hermeneutic.”

Every Sunday, I am preaching the book of Acts for morning service, now I reach chapter 7, first I translated from KJV into Burmese, and chose a text and expound the text. Evening services Hidelberg Catechism, this is the six time I preach, now I reach LD 15.

And every week put out Sunday Digest, it contains an article from “For They Truth’s Sake” by Prof. Hanko, now I am now reached “Biblical and Confessional or Rationalistic,” I reached sub‐heading “Theologically‐centered Method.” And I reached “Come, Ye Children,” by Gertrude Hoeksema, “Three Angels Come to Abraham.” The book of Numbers I reach chapter 13. I am teaching young ones of our church PR catechism books, older one I used Heidelberg Catechism by Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma, I translate it into Burmese and use for children. Younger one NT story by Rev. C. Hanko.

Thank you very much for supporting my ministry till today, without your help I cannot do it. Please, continues to pray for me, so that the name of the Lord will be glorified here in this land. The Lord’s blessings to you all.


Your brother

Rev. Titus