Dear, brethren

Greetings to you in our covenant Lord’s name.  Your Spring time is now, which is very pleasing time that might be. We do not have that kind of season, but we have three seasons, raining season, it is called monsoon season as well, it is the longest start from mid of the month May till the month of October, we got lots and lots of rain, that is why last year we had flood in various parts of the country.  And from November till February, we have so‐called winter, mountainous area of the country quite cold, but not the plain ground like where I live.  And from March till early part of May, we have summer, very, very hot.  Now is the hottest season of the year.  So, in short we have Summer, Raining, and winter seasons.  But someone puts it this way, we have hot, hotter, and hottest seasons, that is true, always hot.  Only when we got new creation, the hot‐problem will be gone forever, eschatological hope.

The month of April is in our country’s calendar the beginning of the year, so we had Burmese new year’s holidays, this month is called in Burmese name “Da Gu,” it comes with water festival, about two weeks of government holidays.  The Burmese people used lunar calendar, but we use English calendar, so when we talk about birth‐day, very funny, some said in Burmese calendar year, but we say is English year, some time confusing.

During holiday, we had our first PRCM youth convention.  From Yangon, New Capital city, Kyangin, three areas youths came, all about 20 people.  I taught one week from the life of Joseph.  His life is unique for us, he is lonebeliever in strange country, like many of us here in idolatrous country yet he was faithful, he even did not trust his relatives because they were not godly people, as we all are most of relatives unbelievers, he even tried his own brothers whether they were changed already or not, we also must test our relatives with our reformed confessions so that we may see their real color.  Now, from Falam and Kale and Naga land churches also willing to send their youth, the Lord willing, next year that kind of convention.

And I took one week rest then willing to go Kale and Fala, area, during that time an earthquake hit near Kale area, only 40 miles away from it, Richter scale 7.9, those areas no high‐rise building, only Buddhist pagodas are high, so many of them were destroyed, no reason to be sad.  But Kale church members phone me, they felt it strong, it shook strongly.  And smaller quakes followed, I was quite worry of going there.  But, lastly I decided to go, and April 21, I started the journey with elder Kyaw.  In His providence care, reached Kale on April 22, 780 miles, driving was my hobby, I enjoyed very much.  Kale people were encouraged by our visit, and I told them about signing “Formula of Subscribing,” and explained what that means, they are all very happy to sign.  On Sunday worship they sign before the Lord and  congregation.  Pastor, Elder and Deacon, in that way, for the Lord’s working in their hearts, a new real PR congregation is born in Kale.  And I preached to them morning and evening, before preaching I brought greetings from Hope PRCA, and explained this trip was possible only because Hope PRCA’s support.


Kale congregation singing

And we had a good fellowship, weather very hot, church members asked me many question on eschatology, so I suggested them that we might have eschatology seminar with Hope PRCA, the Lord willing in the future.  And I asked Kele pastor about URCM whom we worked together last time, when we had fellowship with Singapore ERCS. Pastor tols me some of them dissolved but some still remain, if I ask them to come for seminar, they will come, and he told me that when you arrived Falam meet one of their leaders there, so, in the future seminar, we might see some of our old friends of that denomination.  URCM means United Reformed Church of Myanmar, no connection with URCA, when Rev. Kortering, Rev. denHartog were in Singapore, we closely work together with that group, but after ERCS dissolved we lost contact with them.

And we went Falam which is 80 miles far from Kale, in Falam, we do not have congregation yet, but we have some very closed contact, and the pastor of that group was very sick, we visited him at the house, doctors said his internal organs not working properly for some reason, only God knows, so he is at the point of death.  I encouraged him, and preached at that congregation, three times.  They were once part of PRCM, but at 2005, they left our group and follow the wrong person, after a number of years, they realized that was wrong, so they contacted me again, almost our congregation again.

Falam weather is very good, cool, about 65 F.  I felt quite healthy there, away from the heat of Yangon and all the way up to Kale.

And at Falam, I met a leader of URCM, and he was very much willing to attend our seminars again as before.  So, in the future seminar, some of our old friends we can have them, the Lord willing.  That URCM pastor told me of how they love the teachings and instructions of PRCA, they still hold on to that teaching, they had not hear that kind of solid teaching.  That was quite encouraging.

Rev. Titus with the URCM pastor and elder

Rev. Titus with the URCM pastor and elder

And we went to a village, near by whom are interested in reformed truth.  That village is elder Kyaw’s native village. In that village they asked us so many questions, about election and reprobation, marriage and divorce, and a lot about politic too.  What is going on in the main land?  New leader lady, government, what will be in the future?  We answered quite certainly about reformed truth but we are not very sure about politic, and the future is in the hand of our sovereign covenant Lord.  The villagers are quite hard‐working people, if our seminars are at the time of their free time, they are also willing to attend, and they ask me if I could conduct a seminar at Falam area, they will surely come to attend, so I replied the Lord willing, we might have one day.


Elder Kyaw’s native village

And we returned, one night stayed in Kale again, the whole congregation came and have fellowship the night, the next day we drove back, reach Mandalay very late night, slept there at hotel, next day, in His providence care, arrived back.

I preached from Gen. 22:1‐4, by faith does not mean doing without considering the cause like evangelicalism and Pentecostal people teach, but Abraham thinks through three days and three night, Christian obedience is with thoughtful heart.  Jn. 10:10, “I come to have life abundantly,” that I come is not from Nazareth, but from heaven, and Jesus said there “to have life more abundantly,” abundantly means many, yet the word “more” is added, that is what we have in Him as covenant children, and living on this earth and enjoying His creation is not wrong, we are not like Roman Catholic and Charismatics always, fasting, abstaining certain food means pleasing God, but final and full enjoyment is not here rather eschatological hope, in new creation.  Heb. 11:9, “why Abraham dwells in tents,” many people said Hebrews are like Bedouin Arab, do not know how to stay permanent in one place, after the time of Moses they know how to live a settled life, that is not true, when he stayed in Ur they had a settled life, but God asked him to stay in the tents to show covenant people do not have permanent places on this sin cursed world, our eternal home is in heaven, in the new creations.

During my travel, a leader with a group from Naga land contacts, came my house and he told me that during the last seminar, a big flood was at their place, so they could not come, now they came and met us, to show they really want to learn more of reformed truth.  Elder Soe Thein and Deacon Timothy welcome them and encouraged them and they returned to their land, they seriously ask us to visit the Lord willing in near future.

Every Sunday, I am still preaching the book of Acts for morning service, now I reach chapter 23, OT I reached translating the Book of Numbers, 29.  Evening services Hidelberg Catechism, this is the six time I preach, now I reach LD 30.

And every week put out Sunday Digest, but not too many in this month, April, due to my travel, it contains an article from “For They Truth’s Sake” by Prof. Hanko, now I reached to “The Teaching of Dr. Klaas Schilder.”

And I reached “Come, Ye Children,” by Gertrude Hoeksema, “I am Joseph.”  I am teaching young ones of our church PR catechism books. Younger one NT story by Rev. G. Vanden Berg, Older youth, this month I start to translate “Essentials of Reformed Doctrine, A Guide in Catechetical Instruction by Rev. Herman Hoeksema, Revised by Prof. Herman Hanko,” this book I got many, many years ago from Rev. Kortering, I taught from that book to my older youths.

Thank you very much for supporting my ministry till today, without your help I cannot do it, especially the trip to Kale and Falam.  Please, continues to pray for me, so that the name of the Lord will be glorified here in this land.  The Lord’s blessings to you all.


Your brother

Rev. Titus