Dear, brethren

Greetings to you in our covenant Lord’s name. I hope and pray that you all are doing well in this Summer time, here is raining season continues, too much rain this year. And I heard that you produced a book of 100 years history of your congregation, I am very much eager to read the book.

Politic, the first 100 days of new-elected government is ended, and country is quite stable for His providence care. We earnestly pray that the Lord will give us a government that rules in justice, under that kind of rule country will prosper and His people will work hard and support the ministry and covenant family.

Now, the next thing the government trying very hard to do is to end the long-meaningless-fight of civil war which started 1949, the longest civil war in history. If that is successful, the army have to go back their barracks, as the so-called constitution mandated. Now, that negotiation is started.

The extreme-Buddhist monks cannot work quite freely because the new-government forms a special governing council, called “Emergency Administrative Committee,” the head of that committee is second-vice president, Henry Van Thio, Chin tribe and Christian. So, our country is right now a little quite then previous three months. By the way, I am also from Chin tribe.

I am very busy, editing my KJV Burmese translation, so that it will be exactly like KJV English, and I preached every week from out of that editing. And I reached translating the book of Numbers up to chapter 33, this book has 36 chapters, almost done. Evening services Hidelberg Catechism, this is the six time I preach, now I reach LD 37.

Out of a few visitors which we had last month, from Karen Baptist Church, one person continues to come, I rejoice of seeing him.

Every week put out Sunday Digest, I am still translating “For They Truth’s Sake” by Prof. Hanko, now I reached to “The History of the Split.” And I reached “Come, Ye Children,” by Gertrude Hoeksema, “God Sends Plagues Four, Five, and Six.” I am teaching young ones of our church PR catechism books. Younger one NT story by Rev. G. Vanden Berg, Older youth, this month I start to translate “Essentials of Reformed Doctrine, A Guide in Catechetical Instruction by Rev. Herman Hoeksema, Revised by Prof. Herman Hanko,” we reached Lesson(10).

Thank you very much for supporting my ministry till today, without your help I cannot do all the things that I do for His people. Please, continues to pray for me, so that the name of the Lord will be glorified here in this land. The Lord’s blessings to you all.


Your brother

Rev. Titus