Dear, brethren

Greetings to you in our covenant Lord’s name. I believed that for His mercy you are doing well in new-school year again. Here also rain subsided and instead of cool-off became extremely hot and humid.

Politic, as I said in last month report, our leader Lady Aung Sun Su Kyi was in America now. We read in the news that she invited American business men to come and invest in Myanmar. In that way, she was trying to solve job-less and low-income problems. In the country itself, former-government officers trying very hard to make a case to coup again by religious crisis and ethnic crisis, but so far God did not allow that, so no problem at all. People are quite educated to be blind by that kind of nationalism, during 1950s former army group used that tactic and was successful, so these people thought the history will repeat itself, but God not allow that yet. Now, people want not that kind of religious and nationalism but to improve with decent job and income and enjoy life, time changed. So, we, Christian minority, are looking all these progress and wonder where our Lord will lead us and sured that He will do all things for His glory and our good.

The negotiation of the first time, with so-called rebel groups was finished at the end of August, and every six months will continue, and all the ethnic-rebel groups were quite happy with present-government’s setting, that make the army more nervous because if the peace-talk finally success, the army must withdraw to their army-camps no more in politic, which they desperately did not want. So, from the first negotiation it was clear that we had the only group that did not want peace, that group is non other than army.

One other more interesting thing to report was, about common-grace.  As you know, we had every Tuesday Bible class, and there we were discussion “Essentials of Reformed Doctrine,” and connection with that, I came to the topic of common-grace, and when I told my class the name of common-grace, they all wonder what that means, no one heard in this country, except we PRCM because I always explained them, but the rest of attendants never heard of it. And, I started to tell the implications of three-points of common grace, such as, “Well-meant offer of Gospel,” still class was wondering, and I explain that means, God wants to save every body that hear the Gospel preaching, they all said that we know for sure, and every pastors and evangelists in this country teach like that. And even though they did not know common grace, but when I said God loves everybody, they all said, yes they know that teaching and everybody in this country thinks that way.  About good gifts of God also the same, not connection with common grace, but all material things and riches are God’s blessings and the unbelievers also receive them and that means God has certain grace on them, that teaching also very prevalence in this country. So, my conclusion was that though the name “common grace” not arrived here, but the teaching was, even from day one of Christianity here. So, when I taught them from the Bible, no grace whatsoever on reprobate, they all realized how wrong our country’s believers were. I am happy that they could see from the Bible and PRC’s teaching this wrong concepts must be against. The only common grace implication is not yet prevalence here, that is, application to unbelieving science, if the unbelieving scientists do their researches through common grace and find out things that against the Bible, eg., the age of the earth, then we must change our interpretation of the Bible. That one not yet arrived here, may be we are not yet educated enough. Any way, in that way our Thursday Bible class, every week quite enjoyable.

I am very busy, editing my KJV Burmese translation, I reached editing to the book of Second Corinthians and I preached every week from out of that editing. And I reached translating chapter 6 of the book of Deuteronomy. Evening services Hidelberg Catechism, this is the six time I preach, now I reach LD 46.

And every week put out Sunday Digest, I am still translating “For They Truth’s Sake” by Prof. Hanko, now I am still translating the chapter “The Trinue Covenant God.” And I reached “Come, Ye Children,” by Gertrude Hoeksema, “Two Sins at Sinai.” Younger one, finished NT story by Rev. G. Vanden Berg, the Lord willing, I will be teaching them Heidel Berg Catechism, by Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma. Older youth, I am teaching “Essentials of Reformed Doctrine, A Guide in Catechetical Instruction by Rev. Herman Hoeksema, Revised by Prof. Herman Hanko,” we reached Lesson(19).

Thank you very much for supporting my ministry till today, without your help I cannot do all the things that I do for His people. Please, continues to pray for us, so that the name of the Lord will be glorified here in this land. I and my family also pray always for you.  The Lord’s blessings to you all.


Your brother

Rev. Titus