Dear, brethren

Greetings in our sovereign covenant Lord’s name. I believed that for His mercy you are doing well in this cold winter there. Here still not changed, hot, I hope soon a little cold weather will arrive, that might be on December.

It was quite wonderful that, our covenant Lord controls all the affairs of our live spheres that in your country, the least except person was elected as your president. I tell you a funny story about that, in my country, almost all believed that Hilary will be elected, so many publication companies prepared so many books on Hilary, and as soon as the election result comes out they will sale those books, but the result is not as they thought, they do not know what to do with those books. For us who believed absolute sovereignty of our covenant Lord, we just smile at them.

Our country’s peace talk with various rebels groups is still on paper because, at border area, especially Chinese border, all sorts of fighting going on again, to reach peace agreement is far away yet, only God can give us peace. And fighting with Islamist extremists also going on at Bangladesh border, Rakhine state.

But one thing, we benefit in new government is freedom of worship, which we treasure very much. Previous government we never felt that way. And one more benefit is loud-speakers sickening sounds, in previous governments, they backed Buddhism, so the monks used those loud-speakers, especially on Sunday, so loud that we even could not hear preaching. But in new government, a new law on sound decimal level, we can stay quitter as well as worship time. Last time, one of visitors from among you made a remark on too-loud Buddhist monks loud-speaker, “Its not a quite religion!” I fully agree on that, but now quite changed.

In His providence care we can still have Tuesday Bible class, and we still discussing “Essentials of Reformed Doctrine.” We reached lesson 10.

I am still very busy, editing my KJV Burmese translation, I started editing the book of Philippians and I preached every week from out of that editing. And I reached translating chapter 15 of the book of Deuteronomy. Evening services Heidelberg Catechism, now I start seventh time of preaching on it.

And every week put out Sunday Digest, I am still translating “For They Truth’s Sake” by Prof. Hanko, now I am still translating “The Image of God in Man,” from the chapter of “The Covenant with Man.” And I reached “Come, Ye Children,” by Gertrude Hoeksema, “Two Spies Go to Jericho.” Catechism classes, younger one, we started HeidelBerg Catechism, by Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma, this week we reach lesson 5. Older youth, I am teaching “Essentials of Reformed Doctrine, A Guide in Catechetical Instruction by Rev. Herman Hoeksema, Revised by Prof. Herman Hanko,” we reached Lesson (27).

About my health, I start suffering, nervous breakdown again, so, I have to slow down half of my works, that suffering was obvious only in night time, trembling, sweating, dizzy, fear. I one time suffered quite the same, about 8 years ago. Please pray for my health also.

Thank you very much for supporting my ministry till today, without your help I cannot do all the things that I do for His people. Please, continues to pray for us, so that the name of the Lord will be glorified here in this land. I and my family also pray always for all of you and your families and congregations. The Lord’s blessings to you all.

Your brother

Rev. Titus