Dear, brethren

Greetings in our Faithful Covenant Lord’s name, who faithfully makes seasons regularly from day one of
creation. I believed that you all are refreshed with the Spring season. Spring time is very fascinating for me,
because we do not have it, and heard a lot from you all very, very beautiful and rejuvenation of created life
there, even hearing of that, I praised our faithful covenant Creator and Savior of His people.
The month of April here is, a new year for Burmese people, not for us tribal people, and Christians, it is
for Burmese and Baddish people, they use Lunar Calendar. And at this month they have new-year celebration,
that is every year at the month of April, water-festival, throwing water to each other, believing that that will
cleanse the sins of the year, I do not think so, the truth is far from it, in that festival they commit more sins of
carnal things that the past year, like Brazil Carnival festival. And the weather is so hot, and under that hot sun,
they play water, so many died for heat-stroke.
We believers, stay home, and that festival last one week, so we have to prepare food and glossaries for
a week a head of time, otherwise no stores open, every market closed for a week, some for two weeks, it seems
every thing stand-still. All look very crazy as well, drive crazily, at crazily, drink crazily, and so die crazily as well.
And some elderly folks, go to their Baddish monasteries and meditate their religion’s teaching.
On Sunday, some time that festival still going on, like this year, no Buses running, and so many crazy
drunkards are on the street, some church member cannot come to Church to worship, unbelievers’ festivals are
that bad.
After seminar, my routine life resumed, can produce Sunday Digests again, in it as usual, KJV Burmese
translation, now I reach Judges chapter 20, I reached translating “Come, Ye Children,” by Gertrude Hoeksema,
“God Makes the Syrians Blind.” And the Book “Unfolding Covenant History,” by Homer C. Hoeksema, I reached
the topic “The Temptation and Fall.”
I am still busy, editing my KJV Burmese translation, I am editing the book of Revelation, now reached
chapter 19.
After, I returned home from visiting you, I changed my worship service also like you, morning I preach
from our Heidelberg Catechism, now reached LD 26, this is the eight time I preach our Catechism yet so much
thing to preach the more, it is wonderful gift of God to His church. Evening, I preached from my editing work of
KJV Burmese, now I am preaching from the book of Revelation.
Thursday Bible classes continues, the first hour, we listen Prof. Cammenga’s seminary lectures on
“Soteriology,” that is doctrine of salvation, now we are on seventh video, and learned a lot from prof., second
hour, how to preach biblically in Burmese language continues.
On Thursday night, I sit down with two young men, candidate for future elder and deacon, and teach
them from the Bible how to become faithful officers of His congregation. There, one new young man also
because he also interested like to come, I welcome him to come, so three young men now.
One more good news for this month was, the book “Doctrine According to Godliness,” Burmese
translation was almost finished to print, the young people of PRCM, formed a society called, Hope Literary
Society, and undertake that book to publish. I am very much encouraged by what they are doing. When the final
printing book is done, I will report to you. This book, I first, put articles in my Sunday Digest, quite a number of
years past, and the young people, take out from those old SD. Now, they are doing the second book, the same
way, from old SDs, this time the book is, “Portrait of faithful saints.”
Thank you very much for supporting my ministry, without your help I cannot do all the things that I do
for His people. I continue to pray for you all, and for coming Classic mattings, Synod, the truth that you hold will
prevail among us all. The Lord’s blessings to you all.

Your brother
Rev. Titus