The Council of Hope Protestant Reformed Church has made plans for another trip to our brothers of the PRC of Myanmar.

The delegates will consist of Elder John Van Baren and Rev. James Laning. Both of these men have made at least four prior trips to Myanmar and through long hours of study and work together along with many speeches, lectures, and sermons have developed  close relationships with Rev. Titus and the congregation there. They are definitely looking forward to seeing Rev. Titus and his flock again.

The trip is planned, Lord willing, for May 2 through May 15, 2017. The delegate’s wives will accompany them at their own expense. Tentative topics for seminars are:

Reformed Eschatology – presented not to refute errors but more so to positively teach the amillennial position.

Necessity of Reformed History – setting forth church history from the Reformation and the necessity of the reformed church in that history.

We will post more info here as it becomes available and will be posting a delegate report upon their return.

Please pray for their safety in travel and that their labors there will be mutually profitable for both the delegates and our brethren in Myanmar.