“Go ye into all the world…”  Mark 16:15

In obedience to Jesus Christ, the King of the Church, we believe that Hope Protestant Reformed Church must, as a local congregation, preach the blessed gospel to all creatures, baptizing and teaching them to observe all things which Christ has commanded.

Every member of the congregation is called to carry out this work according to the measure of their God-given ability. With love for our neighbor, we spread the good news of the gospel to those we come in contact with (our neighbor) as well as let our “light so shine before men”… that others may “glorify your Father which is in heaven” Matthew 5:16.

At Hope Protestant Reformed Church, the Reformed Witness Committee also labors on behalf of the congregation, through the oversight of the consistory, to disseminate our distinctly Protestant Reformed views, based on the Word of God and the Reformed confessions, to those in our local area and also among those outside of the scope of our churches elsewhere.

For a free one-year subscription to the Standard Bearer, a publication of the Protestant Reformed Churches, please contact us using the contact form below.  Beginning in 1924, this publication is devoted to explaining and defending Reformed doctrine, promoting the Reformed life of the Church and believer, and combating old and new errors that threaten to disrupt the Reformed faith and life.

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